The Art of Strategy: Wardley Mapping Examples

Annex: A curated, diverse and updated atlas of valuable maps

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Core Banking in the Embedded Finance Age

Mapping People Operations / Human Resource (HR)

Eco-System Gameplay: Microsoft & GitHub

Plotting a Path to a Greener Web

The Cloud Battle

Evernote, Notion, Roam and Todoist

Gameplay Examples

Context Specific Capability Assessments

Saving Your Business with Wardley Maps

Understanding the Data Landscape and Its Evolution

Platform Gameplay: Amazon’s Game Engine

Mapping Immersive Experiences at BBC

Mapping Data Flow

What in the World is World-Class Engineering?

Building New Capabilities in Google’s Environment

A Review of the Alphabet Company

A Wardley Map of the Company NVIDIA in 2020

How Facebook is trying to become a metaverse company

The World of Video Games

Zalando, a Wardley Map About How They Play the Game

Mapping Methods and Context

Amazon Outmaneuvering Competition in the Cloud

Turning Around IBM, Part 1

Turning Around IBM, Part 2

Turning Around IBM, Part 3

Reverse Engineering AirBnB’s Strategy

Leading an Organization

Leveraging Diverse Expertise

Building a Business From a Great Idea Using AWS Lambda Services

Serverless Development

The Art of Strategy: All Parts

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