The Art of Strategy: Wardley Mapping Examples

Annex: A curated, diverse and updated atlas of valuable maps

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Core Banking in the Embedded Finance Age

Mapping People Operations / Human Resource (HR)

Eco-System Gameplay: Microsoft & GitHub

Plotting a Path to a Greener Web

The Cloud Battle

Evernote, Notion, Roam and Todoist

Gameplay Examples

Context Specific Capability Assessments

Saving Your Business with Wardley Maps

Wardley Mapping a Conference

Understanding the Data Landscape and Its Evolution

Platform Gameplay: Amazon’s Game Engine

Mapping Immersive Experiences at BBC

Mapping Data Flow

What in the World is World-Class Engineering?

Building New Capabilities in Google’s Environment

A Review of the Alphabet Company

A Wardley Map of the Company NVIDIA in 2020

Equation of Innovation for a Software Product (B2C)

How Facebook is trying to become a metaverse company

Reviewing the evolution of Neeva Search Engine

The World of Video Games

Zalando, a Wardley Map About How They Play the Game

Mapping Methods and Context

Amazon Outmaneuvering Competition in the Cloud

Turning Around IBM, Part 1

Turning Around IBM, Part 2

Turning Around IBM, Part 3

Reverse Engineering AirBnB’s Strategy

Leading an Organization

Leveraging Diverse Expertise

Building a Business From a Great Idea Using AWS Lambda Services

Serverless Development

Traditional Life Industry

Evolution of Architectural Components in Software Systems

Barriers To Be Aware of in Strategy Creation

The Art of Strategy: All Parts

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